Press Release

Nothing speaks to freedom louder than a halfsuit

Talking heads on our televisions have delivered the news, commented on our favorite teams and sold us snake oil for decades. Video conferencing is poised to completely change the way we look at people on our screens. It’s becoming so much easier and ubiquitous that in the not-so-distant future, we will be able to have face-to-faces on almost every surface. Whether it’s calling a friend, watching a webcast, or showing up for a board meeting, the format has been established. With all of this in mind, Klosk is proud to announce the Businessbib- a new take on your video business persona.

The Businessbib allows you to look perfectly put-together in a fraction of the time it takes to boot your computer. You can work from home in your underwear while presenting a polished appearance to the people that matter most. Using a simple abbreviated design of the traditional business suit eliminates the time and effort that goes into primping for more formal meetings. It frees your time and allows you to continue uninterrupted with your casual lifestyle.

In a word, the Businessbib is a halfsuit. Each sturdily stitched ensemble is stylishly appointed and hand made from recycled materials. No two Businessbibs are the same. In fact, each one is christened with it’s own name based on it’s overall aesthetic. With its split back Velcro-sealed design, the short-sleeved Businessbib can easily be worn and removed with comfort and ease. Just slip it on over your tee shirt and shorts- no one will ever be the wiser. Appearing to others in your video domain to be fully prepared for the business at hand with little to no preparation may soon be considered the most important freedom of all.

About Klosk

Klosk is the side project of Tucson-based designers Brad Denboer and Jeff Adkins. It operates under the philosophy that many objects can be re-invented; that their design lifetime can be extended by revisiting their function in a more modern context.

Previous projects include the Western-Electric 2500 USB handset and a 900 MHz Cordless 2500 phone.

The Businessbib is the first project that Klosk has released in a production-level scale.

Inquiries can be directed to information at klosk dot com.